Brooke Mallette

Thank you for opening this email! I would like to submit myself as a candidate for one of the upcoming vacancies on the Telluride Lodge Board. Below is a quick introduction and summary of why I believe I'd be a valuable addition to the Lodge Board.

For those of you who don't know me, I grew up in Telluride and graduated from Telluride High. I also actually lived at the Lodge for a couple of years when I was young. After graduating, I went to Boulder for undergrad and law school, then lived in Denver and LA. I am an entertainment attorney by trade and I lead a team of attorneys and paralegals responsible for the drafting and negotiating complex licensing agreements. My husband, David Rothermel, and I have two boys, Hunter (8) and Owen (4) who are a TIS and Rainbow, respectively.

While we lived outside of Telluride for many years, we regularly returned to visit family and friends and always hoped to return. We were lucky to purchase a Lodge unit in July of 2020 and we lived there until we bought a house in Bachman Village in November 2022. We now rent our Lodge unit to two locals and we're grateful to be able to rent to such amazing contributors to the community.

I'm also a member of the Sparky Board - a small non-profit that helps Latina women in our community (at Telluride and Norwood High Schools) go to college - and have completed a Harvard Business School board training. I believe both of these board-related experiences will allow me to be a proactive member of the Lodge board and understand how to navigate the challenging issues our Board faces.

I'm to focus on some of the pressing needs of the Lodge residents, such as covered storage for our larger outdoor equipment, the pending developments in the west-end, and more sustainability. I'd like to hear the community out on ideas and work to implement them so we can become a closer community.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Brooke Mallette

Unit 402