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About Telluride Lodge

  • Our Location
  • Located immediately north of and adjacent to the San Miguel River, Telluride Lodge provides an easy walk of approximately 100 yards to Coonskin Lift 7 and the popular River Trail. There is easy access to ski and snowboard rentals and a workout facility across the river. Not to be overlooked, a grocery store is conveniently accessed through the hallways to the North of the buildings. A liquor store and three restaurants are within a two block walk. And the free town shuttle, The Galloping Goose, stops on Pacific Ave. just South of the property every 10 minutes.
  • Our Property
  • Telluride Lodge is situated on five acres of land 100 yards from Coonskin Lift 7 and only three and a half blocks west of downtown Telluride. It is the ONLY condominium complex in the Town of Telluride that offers a wonderful expanse of open space plus private parking. Propane barbeques and picnic benches are well located throughout the complex for resident’s use during summer months. Large expanses of green grass accommodate yard games and serve as a great place for owners to toss balls for their dogs. Telluride Lodge (approximately 40% owner occupied) attracts residents and owners who appreciate the congeniality at the property. This is evidenced by the many impromptu gatherings of residents around the picnic tables. Note: only unit owners’ dogs are permitted on the property.

Telluride Lodge History

  • Telluride Lodge originated as part of the master plan of the ski area development that Joe Zoline created in the early ‘70s. Not unlike the Town of Telluride, the Lodge has had a rather colorful past. During the construction of the project some of the denizens of the town felt that a complex of this size was unfit for the then tiny town and attempted to burn it down on numerous occasions.
  • The original construction was designed with flat roofs. The widely held joke was that these units were the shipping crates that Vail came in. Because of the flat roofs and the resultant roof leakage due to snow melt, the Lodge was condemned by the Town of Telluride. The homeowners had to pony up a substantial amount of money to have the pitched roofs installed and other reparations completed to bring the project up to the building codes of the day. Over the years the various boards have continued to update the buildings to conform with new building codes as they evolved.

    Originally there was an outdoor swimming pool. That attraction became more of a problem than an amenity when many of the town’s adventurous folks found ways to break in to the pool and enjoy many a moonlit swim. Eventually, the homeowners had the pool filled in and the current spa was constructed.

    In 1975, a three-bedroom unit was listed at approximately $15,000. Telluride was remote and could only be reached by car. As an incentive, two lifetime ski passes came with each unit. Needless to say the recent real estate boom has substantially helped prices.

    Over the past thirty years the Telluride Lodge has undergone many changes and upgrades to keep abreast of the changing building laws and fashions of the current times. Many units have been expanded in “down to the studs” renovations. The interior appointments in these renovations have been appointed with top of the line interiors offering the quality, space, and amenities of the finest new construction anywhere in the area. Like a fine wine, Telluride Lodge improves with age!